The Strategist Survey and Competition
17 Jun 2013|

We’d like to say a big thank you for the response to our survey. We got many useful suggestions and comments, all of which were read with great interest. You might notice a few changes in the next few months, but overall we were pleased to see that The Strategist was providing a useful service for the strategy and defence community.

One frequent suggestion was the ability for our readers to be able to comment on blog pieces. That surprised us a bit, because that’s always been the case—if you see something you want to comment on, use the ‘want to write for us or reply‘ link to the right to send it to the blog editors. We’re happy to run constructive short comments, although we’ll probably batch them to keep navigation on the site straightforward. All comments will go through the editorial moderation process. Some readers suggested the ability to post directly, and we’ve thought long and hard about that at times. But a look at the comments section on almost any website convinces us not to go down that path. On balance, we think the immediacy of that approach is outweighed by the low signal to noise ratio that results.

Finally, we’re pleased to announce that Strategist reader Jasmin Hill is the winner of the iPad prize for survey participants.